A study conducted by MediHelp International, the leading private health insurance provider in CEE, shows which countries Romanians prefer for their medical assistance. Austria, UK and Germany are top 3 choices for consultation and treatment.

More than 60% of the people included in the study chose Austria, UK or Germany for their medical care outside Romania. Further down the list are: Greece, Israel, Turkey, Switzerland and Hungary. The most sought after benefits for MediHelp International clients are hospitalisation, second medical opinion, and outpatient medical services, such as consultation with specialists. Hospitals and clinics in Romania are usually chosen only for treatment of minor health issues.

“In a country with very low investment in the health system, it is good that Romanians have a choice when it comes to their health. International private health insurance plans offer comprehensive coverage for all medical conditions in the most reputable hospitals and clinics in the world. Although the national health system is developing, the medical providers from Austria, UK, Germany or even neighbouring states, seem to have gained the confidence of Romanian patients. We are glad that we can guarantee our clients the choice when it comes to selecting any hospital or clinic with the private health insurance plans we offer” says Zahal Levy, President of MediHelp International.

The MediHelp International study also shows that this type of customer tends to buy private health insurance both for them and for their family and their main purchase reasons are: the lack of trust in the national health system, travelling abroad for work, previous experience with similar products, and also the fact that they understand the product and its benefits.

The study was conducted on a representative sample of MediHelp International clients who have purchased international private health insurance during the last 3 years.

MediHelp International is the leading private health insurance provider in Central and Eastern Europe and has been present on the Romanian market since 1999. MediHelp International successfully combines Medical Assistance with International Health Insurance for the benefit of their clients. For more information you can access